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Ikebana Flower Frog Vase

Ikebana Flower Frog Vase

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This is a cute rectangular flower frog vase that fits perfectly on a windowsill or other spot in your home. Its a lovely purple background with a star cut out. It measures 6" long, 3" wide and stands 1.5" tall.

The pins in the bottom of the glass cup hold the flower's stems, add water and enjoy! Ikebana is a Japanese flower arranging style, incorporating a
horizontal vase. A "frog" is the pins that the flower stems stick onto. Hence: Japanese Ikebana Flower Frog Vase!

To clean simply rinse and you're ready to go.


6"L x 3"W

Care Information

The frog is stainless steel so rinse with water or place in dishwasher. The pins are stainless and won't rust.

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